Carbon-Crunching Carrots!

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Carbon-Crunching Carrots!

Step into the wonderful world of carrots to discover how they are grown, processed and packed!

Lesson Guide

Learning Objectives
  • To ask relevant questions and use different types of scientific enquiries to answer them.
  • To plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, including recognising and controlling variables where necessary.
  • To set up simple practical enquiries, comparative and fair tests.
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Lesson Outline
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Join Jennie at Huntapac HQ where she will briefly introduce Harvest Live 2022. How do tiny seeds turn into fully grown carrots and make their way to our supermarket shelves?

Subject Knowledge and activity

We’ll join Josh, Farmer Stephen and research scientist, Hannah live in a field of carrots. Stephen will explain the gigantic scientific investigation he has set up to try and reduce the carbon emitted while he grows his carrots and Anna will explain how her research is helping farmers to increase the number of pollinators in their fields and why this is so important.

Then it’s back to the studio where Jennie and entomologist, Sally-Ann, will investigate some insects that are too small to see in the field. What is a nematode? Is it friend or foe?

Back in the field, Josh will find out how carrots are harvested before being sent on their way to be processed and prepared for the shops at Huntapac HQ with Jennie.

Finally, join Jennie to investigate what happens to the carrots that don’t make it to the supermarket shelves to ensure that no carrot is ever wasted.

Questions and answers

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After the Lesson
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The Stars of The Show!

Jennie Devine

NFU Education

Joshua Payne

Chief Education Manager

Sally-Ann Spence



Stephen Shields

Technical Director

Hannah McGrath

PhD Student and Carrot Scientist


Farm Foreman

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