Interactive Live Lessons

Far from simply watching a video, live lessons are an interactive experience for you, your class and children from all over the country and even worldwide!

Lasting between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, live lessons will usually contain a variety of studio presentation, site-based reporting and interactive elements to engage and excite!

Featuring questions and quizzes throughout, shout-outs, Q&A time and even wrap-around supporting resources, live lessons will be something the whole class looks forward to and gets involved in. Contact Us for more info! 


Designed by education professionals, each Live Lesson is curriculum-focused and presented by engaging hosts and experts in their field who have an understanding and background of working with children of all ages.

Often being site-based, live lessons can transport children to locations they are unlikely to have the opportunity to visit in person, raising their sense of wonder and increasing their appetite for learning.

Additional materials are often provided to allow you as the teacher to further support the live lesson with pre and post-activities, all with a clear set of learning outcomes and suggested lesson plans. See one of our live lessons!


Getting involved is as simple as completing the sign-up form and awaiting further details. 

From a technical perspective, live lessons are designed to be displayed on the classroom screen for the whole class to see – running them through your projector or interactive TV will be perfect! Don’t forget speakers – you will want your whole class to hear.

Most live lessons will be delivered through an online platform that houses the stream on YouTube so it is important to ask your in-house technicians or external internet provider to ensure that all relevant tests have been carried out in advance and that no unexpected filtering issues occur on the day. 

All you need is a computer and internet connection, unhindered access to livestream.co.uk and youtube.com (see here for troubleshooting tips for YouTube). For the interactive polls, you can ask your technician to use this link to check that everything will work well on the day.

If you are struggling, please use the pop-up chat widget in the corner of the screen as this will contain useful tips that will hopefully resolve your issue. If not, simply submit a question through the widget and we will do our very best to get back to you. If you can ensure you have checked everything above in advance of the lesson, that will be a big help as last-minute requests for help will obviously be more difficult to resolve in time. Also, please be aware that most problems are likely to occur with a school’s network or internet filtering and may therefore be out of our control.

Safety and Accessibility

We want all live lessons to be as safe and accessible to as many people as possible and there are certain things you can do to improve the experience for your class.

Subtitles: in YouTube you can simply enable subtitles. Here’s how!

Accessibility Widget: We have implemented an accessibility widget on the streaming platform. This will offer lots of ways for teachers to improve the inclusivity and accessibility of the experience. Have a look at the features here.

Simply click the little man icon in the corner of the screen to access the options. 

All interactive content will be moderated – for example, questions submitted will be checked before being approved to go live on the platform. Although the lessons will be designed optimally for teachers to be submitting content on behalf of their class. Your school policies will guide your interaction – there is no need for any student personal information to be used although you may wish to use first names against your questions and shout-outs if you like and if your policies permit.

What next?

Once you have completed and submitted the sign-up form, you will be sent any further details closer to the time on the email address used in your submission. There will also be a downloadable calendar entry to help you remember the live lesson date and time!

Missed the live stream? Don’t worry, all lessons will remain available to watch back after the event. Links will be available at livestream.co.uk

More and more live lessons are being announced constantly, so ensure you don’t miss out, please do tick the option in the sign-up form to allow us to send you details. You can also check back on the website.