Harvest Thali (KS1)

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Together we’ll learn:

  • How to grow onions, spinach and coriander
  • Which part of a plant they come from and how to prepare them
  • How to feed the calves on Farmer Elaine’s dairy farm
  • All about the structure and lifecycle of plants
  • How to keep animals and plants healthy

Download These Additional Learning Activities for Before, During and After the Live Lesson!

Learning objectives:

To use our senses to compare different tastes, textures, sounds and smells.

To understand where food comes from.

To use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes.

Before the lesson:

Introduce your students to some of the ingredients we will be using in our Palak Paneer dish using this sensory adventure activity. Give each child a small sample of each ingredient and ask them to explore them using all of their senses. For tasting the onion, you may wish to use cooked or crispy salad onions for a milder flavour. For tasting the ginger, you could use ginger biscuits.

During the lesson:

Challenge your students to complete this Harvest Thali shopping list activity during the lesson.

After the lesson:

Feeling inspired after watching our Harvest Thali live lesson? Now it’s your turn to make one of your own! You can find Rayeesa’s secret recipes for the perfect thali here!

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Meet the Stars!

Rayeesa Asghar-Sandys

Chef and Entrepeneur

Jennie Devine

NFU Education Manager

Joshua Payne

Chief Education Manger

Elaine Smith

Dairy Farmer

Lucy Harer

Spinach Grower

Gary Mac-Fall

Onion Grower

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