Life on the Ice:

Researching Science in the Polar Biome (UKS2/LKS3)

Lesson Guide

A Live Lesson for all budding polar explorers! Join us live from British Antarctic Survey HQ to find out about their work in Antarctica and how their new research facility will benefit the next generation of scientists! We will find out how sustainable technologies and renewable energy plays a part in ensuring that scientific research can be carried out on the continent for many years to come, as well as hearing from those who live and work in Antarctica!

Curriculum Links:

Materials, Climate Zones, Energy, Conductivity, Sustainability

Learning Objectives:

Using inspirational guests, learn about what it takes to live and work in Antarctica, and explore ways in which the brand new Discovery Building will improve things for the next generation of scientists and explorers.

Lesson Outline:

We will be joined by scientists and experts who will tell us more about their experiences in Antarctica, as well as what we learn from the research they do.

During our time at BAS HQ, teaching will be put into a real-life context through exciting demos, recordings and animated infographics.

The lesson itself will follow the journey of a polar scientist, from the specialist clothes they wear, the vehicles they must use to travel around, and what life will be like in the brand new Discovery Building. Our experts will also join us in the studio at the end of the lesson, to answer your students’ questions live.


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Virtual tour of Rothera Research Station:

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Virtual tour of RRS Sir David Attenborough:

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